Engine Kid - Everything Left Inside Box Set (RSD2021)

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Astronaut / Novocaine
A1 Novocaine
A2 1/4 Mile Thunder
A3 The Needle and the Damage Done
A4 Little Drummer Boy
B1 Astronaut
B2 Treasure Chest
B3 Furnace

Bear Catching Fish
C1 Bear Catching Fish
C2 Rockford Files
D1 Treasure Chest
D2 Cabin Fever

E1 Quarter Mile Thunder
E2 Bullfight
F1 Mountain High
F2 Winter Time

Angel Wings
G1 Holes to Fight In
G2 Windshield
G3 Nailgun
G4 Fanbelt
H1 Anchor
H2 Herbie Hancock
H3 Expressionists
H4 Jumper Cables

I1 Stitches
I2 A Quinn Martin Production
I3 Angel Dust
I4 Lies Like Knives
J Olé
     Split With Iceburn / Everything Left

K1 Trailhead at Lake
K2 Hiking the Circumference of the Mountaintop Lake
K3 The Shining Path
L1 Insulate
L2 Thigh With a Desolate Thorn
L3 Breakdown
L4 The Heater Sweats Nails
L5 Husk