Taylor Swift - Midnights

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Each Vinyl Album Includes:
13 Songs
1 of 4 collectible album jackets with unique front and back cover art
1 of 4 unique marbled color vinyl discs (the Moonstone Blue Edition features a moonstone blue marbled color disc)
1 of 4 collectible album sleeves (each side features a different
full-size photo of Taylor)
1 of 4 full-size gatefold photos
A collectible 8-page lyric booklet with never-before-seen photos
Midnights isn't a retreat so much as a return, a revival of the moody electro-pop that kept Reputation roiling. Where that 2017 record carried a measure of defiance, the vibe of Midnights is contemplative even when beats are insistent, as they are on occasion. Despite these fleeting moments of urgency, the record is clearly a soundtrack to be played in the wee hours of the morning. In that sense, Midnights is a kindred spirit to Folklore and Evermore, the twin 2020 albums Swift released during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, yet those records felt like collections of short stories where these songs -- whether in their standard 13-song variation or the lengthy "3 AM Edition" which runs an additional seven tracks -- all feel like confessions, even if they display the sense of exacting lyrical detail she's honed since Lover. These compositions provide a sturdy foundation on a record that wants to capture the aimless suspension of late-night insomnia, a time filled with regret, recriminations, and resignations. Swift spikes this moodiness with hints of steeliness -- witness the cool swagger of "Vigilante Shit" -- but that's merely an accent on an album designed to deliver variations on one specific mood. Although this monochromatic palette tends to highlight the limits of co-producer Jack Antonoff's bag of tricks -- nothing here feels surprising, even when he's playing with textures and teasing out the music's dream pop elements -- the narrow focus is the main attribute of Midnights, as it plays to Swift's sense of control and craft: she may be singing about messy emotions but she sculpts those tangled feelings into shimmering, resonant songs.
Lavender Haze 3:22
Maroon 3:38
Anti-Hero 3:20
You're On Your Own, Kid 3:14
Snow On The Beach 4:16
Midnight Rain 2:54
Question...? 3:30
Vigilante Shit 2:44
Bejeweled 3:14
Labyrinth 4:07
Karma 3:24
Sweet Nothing 3:08
Mastermind 3:11