Things to know:

Record Store Day is Saturday April 20th

We open our doors at 8am (there will be a line earlier than that)

We ordered almost every exclusive title but will not know what we're receiving until closer to the date.  Keep an eye on our social media for inventory updates.

Some of the titles are extremely limited, meaning even if we ordered a TON we will only get a FEW

This means 1 unique title per person.  You can get as many records as you'd like!  Just not more than one copy of the same.

The LOVEJOY titles we're unfortunately cancelled along with a few more. For a list of cancellations please visit:

All remaining exclusive titles will go live here online at 7pm pst April 20th

There will be an in store sale of 15% off the entire store as well. (This excludes RSD titles)

For a full list of RSD exclusive titles you can find the list here: Record Store Day List