Ahmad Jamal - Awakening (Verve By Request Series)

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By 1970, pianist Ahmad Jamal's style had changed a bit since the 1950s, becoming denser and more adventurous while still retaining his musical identity. With bassist Jamil Nasser (whose double-timing lines are sometimes furious) and drummer Frank Gant, Jamal performs two originals (playing over a vamp on "Patterns"), the obscure "I Love Music," and four jazz standards. These are intriguing performances showing that Ahmad Jamal was continuing to evolve.

180g Audiophile Quality Vinyl

1. "The Awakening" (Ahmad Jamal) – 6:19
2. "I Love Music" (Emil Boyd, Hale Smith) – 7:19
3. "Patterns" (Ahmad Jamal) – 6:19
4. "Dolphin Dance" (Herbie Hancock) – 5:05
5. "You're My Everything" (Harry Warren, Joe Young, Mort Dixon) – 4:40
6. "Stolen Moments" (Oliver Nelson) – 6:27
7. "Wave" (Antônio Carlos Jobim) – 4:25