Alex Lahey - Answer Is Always Yes

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John Amen of The Line of Best Fit says this album has a "lighter palette" with "sonics relatively subdued, mixes less raucous" compared to her first two records. He concluded that "her melodies are consistently enrolling, and her lyrics [...] are aptly accessible". Writing for Beat Magazine, Bryget Chrisfield said that The Answer Is Always Yes was an "ebullient and infinitely relatable" listen.

On Coke Bottle Green Vinyl

1. "Good Time" 3:11
2. "Congratulations" 2:50
3. "You'll Never Get Your Money Back" 3:07
4. "The Sky Is Melting" 4:06
5. "On the Way Down" 3:35
6. "Makes Me Sick" 4:04
7. "Shit Talkin'" 3:19
8. "Permanent" 3:33
9. "They Wouldn't Let Me In" 2:43
10. "The Answer Is Always Yes" 4:25