Anti-Flag - Die For The Government

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Admittedly, it's strange that an old school-sounding punk trio would criticize punk scene denizens thusly: "Covered in leather, or plaid patches, or metal studs/Your hair is dyed or spiked with glue/You only talk to those who look and act the way you do/You scoff at how the cops treat you/But they're no worse than dicks like you!" ("Punk by the Book"). It's even more strange in light of Anti-Flag's Discharge/Rancid haircuts, a dog collar, and even a shirt that says "destroy." But since they point out that what you think is more important than how you dress, fair enough, because they carry on a more crucial custom: warning MTV-polluted, 85-TV-channel youth that punk means doing something productive instead of being passive or getting drunk and into fights, and becoming aware of politics and history is a prerequisite before bitching about the government (such as the Pentagon's attempts to pretend there is no Gulf War syndrome, as Anti-Flag points out). Criticism from within is the only kind that's listened to. As well, on songs such as "Safe Tonight" and "Police State in the U.S.A.," Anti-Flag tosses up the kind of vintage, early-'80s, So-Cal, melodic punk that B.Y.O., Frontier, Posh Boy, and other labels specialized in, and a ska song is welcome.

A1 You'd Do The Same 2:23
A2 You've Got To Die For The Government 3:33
A3 Drink Drank Punk 1:42
A4 Rotten Future 2:00
A5 Safe Tonight 2:44
A6 Red, White, And Brainwashed 1:53
A7 Davey Destroyed The Punk Scene 2:20
A8 Summer Squatter Go Home 3:03
A9 She's My Little Go Go Dancer 2:24
B1 Police State In The U.S.A. 2:39
B2 Punk By The Book 2:15
B3 Fuck Police Brutality 2:22
B4 I'm Being Watched By The CIA 2:14
B5 Kill The Rich 3:05
B6 No More Dead 3:51
B7 Confused Youth 4:15
B8 Your Daddy Was A Rich Man (Your Daddy's Fucking Dead) 2:08