Augustus Pablo - Moods of Pablo

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Radiation Roots present a reissue of Moods Of Pablo, a compilation of Augustus Pablo recordings released in 2000. The man known as Augustus Pablo was a visionary, part of an intimate group of creative figures whose approach to reggae music and audio recording have forever changed the shape of popular music in Jamaica, and the echoes of his creative ingenuity have reached far beyond the island's shores. The enigmatic figure will always be most associated with his exceptional skills on the melodica, a plastic toy instrument that is used to teach schoolchildren the rudiments of keyboard melody, but his oeuvre encompassed so much more. In fact, the man was one of Jamaican music's most important record producers, as well as being a session keyboard player of considerable renown. Moods Of Pablo collects some individual moments of Pablo's work which somehow drifted into the orbit of Bunny Lee, a producer with his fingers always in a broad range of musical pies; futuristic cuts of "Queen Of The Minstrel," "Hold On," "Fatty Fatty," "Heart Don't Leap," and "The Drifter" give way to ten thematic roots dubs from King Tubby's studio, each with melodica firmly in place, morphing rhythms such as "Barb Wire," "Everything I Own", and "Miss Wire Waist" into another dimension.

A1 Pablo's Drifting Dub
A2 Pablo's Delightful Dub
A3 Pablo's Magnificent Dub
A4 Hold On Pablo
A5 Pablo's Rockers Jam
A6 King Tubby's Musical Gorgon Dub
A7 King Dubby's Nah Jester Dub
B1 King Tubby's Rock Steady Dub
B2 King Tubby's Roots Vibe Dub
B3 King Tubby's Rule Supreme Dub
B4 King Tubby's Supercharge Dub
B5 King Tubby's The Dub Organiser
B6 King Tubby's Musical Stalowatt Dub
B7 King Tubby's The Professor Of Dub
B8 King Tubby's The Specialist In Dub