Beach House - S/T

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Matching the hypnotic allure of Nico and Mazzy Star's Hope Sandoval, Beach House sorceress Victoria Legrand croons "Love you all the time/even though you're not mine" on "Saltwater," the stunning album opener to the band's self-titled debut, and such simple words never sounded so lovely. Joining Legrand is her childhood friend Alex Scally, who delivers spellbinding instrumentation throughout these nine heavy-hearted melodies. It's their sound as a whole that really makes Beach House an interesting listen; Legrand's vocals tread so lightly throughout, making it easy to get lost in the gossamer beauty of the band's work, particularly on "Tokyo Witch" and "Auburn and Ivory." Tightly woven arrangements of organs, percussion, and guitars (which recall the work of Legrand's uncle, famed French composer Michel Legrand) delicately waltz around her haunting presentation, while the golden slumbers of "Apple Orchard" and "Lovelier Girl" offer a sweetly psychedelic sound. The exquisiteness of Beach House's debut album should not go unnoticed -- it's one of the most mystical indie pop surprises to arrive in 2006.

Saltwater 2:55
Tokyo Witch 3:42
Apple Orchard 4:31
Master Of None 3:19
Auburn And Ivory 4:30
Childhood 3:35
Lovelier Girl 3:02
House On The Hill 3:14
Heart And Lungs 4:22
[silence] 1:03
Rain In Numbers 2:25