Ben Howard - Collections From The Whiteout

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"Melancholy, meticulous and achingly grand"... "His dialing down the traditional guitar/vocal folk and diving deeper into a range of electronics, whether the harsh distortion of ‘Sage That She Was Burning’ or the bright, tactile ‘Metaphysical Cantations’, is a primary deviation here. ‘Follies Fixture’, the opener and a highlight, expresses this newfound path from the onset, its entrancing swirl likely to divide fans while potentially turning a few new heads his way. Make no mistake though, Collections From The Whiteout remains in the truest sense a Ben Howard release." -Ben Lynch of DIY Magazine

Limited Edition 2xLP on Transparent Vinyl

1. "Follies Fixture"  3:59
2. "What a Day"  5:15
3. "Crowhurst's Meme"  3:44
4. "Finders Keepers"  2:49
5. "Far Out"  4:18
6. "Rookery"  2:31
7. "You Have Your Way"  4:25
8. "Sage That She Was Burning"  4:17
9. "Sorry Kid" 4:59
10. "Unfurling"  3:40
11. "Metaphysical Cantations" 4:21
12. "Make Arrangements"  4:25
13. "The Strange Last Flight of Richard Russell"  4:23
14. "Buzzard"  0:55
15. "Rumble Strip" 3:00
16. "London Portrait"  2:29