Bikini Kill - The Singles

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The Singles is not a Bikini Kill career overview, but rather a compilation of three 45-rpm-only releases recorded for Kill Rock Stars in between 1994's Pussy Whipped and 1996's Reject All American. All told, this material is some of the band's most accessible, highlighted by the three songs from the Joan Jett-produced "New Radio" single; one is yet another re-recording of "Rebel Girl," which is justified by a driving, kinetic energy that makes the version on Pussy Whipped sound tame and plodding by comparison. There's no noisy, murky meandering at all, and the brighter production and melodic hooks pack a wallop -- so even if Pussy Whipped remains Bikini Kill's most crucial statement, The Singles might actually be a better place to get acquainted with them.

1. "New Radio"  1:33
2. "Rebel Girl"  2:37
3. "Demirep" 2:47
4. "In Accordance to Natural Law" 0:28
5. "Strawberry Julius" 2:17
6. "Anti-Pleasure Dissertation" 2:29
7. "Rah! Rah! Replica" 0:58
8. "I Like Fucking" 2:16
9. "I Hate Danger" 1:58