Black Dahlia Murder, The - Unhallowed

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Green & Red Smoke Color Vinyl

While not exactly original, Unhallowed, the debut full-length from Detroit, MI, quintet the Black Dahlia Murder is a well-executed slice of melodic death/black metal in the tradition of Swedish masters Dissection and At the Gates. They've clearly studied those bands, as is reflected in the racing, dual-harmonized guitar riffs that form the foundation of this album, but then again, the riffs are at times a little too reminiscent of what many folks will have already heard on albums such as Storm of the Light's Bane and Slaughter of the Soul. The vocals are a little different, though, consisting of a high-pitched shriek that's complemented by a lower, more standard death metal growl. Also of note is the drumming, which is pretty swift, even by this genre's standards. This band has a lot of youthful energy and chops and has the potential to do something great if they can come up with something less imitative and more their own.

Unhallowed 1:59
Funeral Thirst 3:55
Elder Misanthropy 2:34
Contagion 3:23
When The Last Grave Has Emptied 3:10
Thy Horror Cosmic 2:55
The Blackest Incarnation 4:43
Hymn For The Wretched 4:28
Closed Casket Requiem 4:25
Apex 5:01