Black Flag - Damaged

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Perhaps the best album to emerge from the quagmire that was early-'80s California hardcore punk, the visceral, intensely physical presence of Damaged has yet to be equaled, although many bands have tried. Although Black Flag had been recording for three years prior to this release, the fact that Henry Rollins was now their lead singer made all the difference. His furious bellow and barely contained ferocity was the missing piece the band needed to become great. Also, guitarist/mastermind Greg Ginn wrote a slew of great songs for this record that, while suffused with the usual punk conceits (alienation, boredom, disenfranchisement), were capable of making one laugh out loud, especially the protoslacker satire "TV Party." Extremely controversial when it was released, Damaged endured the slings and arrows of outrageous criticism (some reacted as though this record alone would cause the fall of America's youth) to become and remain an important document of its time.

Rise Above 2:17
Spray Paint The Walls 0:32
Six Pack 2:18
What I See 1:47
T.V. Party 3:11
Thirsty & Miserable 2:05
Police Story 1:30
Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie 1:50
Depression 2:45
Room 13 2:03
Damaged II 3:23
No More 2:23
Padded Cell 1:50
Life Of Pain 2:48
Damaged I 3:50