Black Pumas - Chronicles of a Diamond

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Arriving four years after the Austin duo's eponymous debut -- a period of time when they were repeatedly nominated for Grammys, including nods for a Deluxe Edition reissue of Black Pumas and the concert set Capitol Cuts - Live from Studio A -- Chronicles of a Diamond finds Black Pumas orbiting the same sonic sun they created their first time around. Drawing equally from vintage psychedelia, producer/multi-instrumentalist Adrian Quesada and vocalist Eric Burton do achieve a certain kind of cinematic swirl, one that drifts in and out of focus due to shifts in textures and chords, not the melody. Often, Burton appears to be riding waves created by Quesada, murmuring, crooning, and testifying according to how the kaleidoscope shifts. Burton's falsetto feels like part of the tapestry masterminded by Quesada, never quite pulling attention to either his words or melodies. While this ultimately means that Chronicles of a Diamond doesn't leave enough hooks behind to linger in the memory, the pulsating, colorful vibrations it creates as its spins are certainly an enjoyable way to get lost in the ether for a half hour or so.

Cloudy Clear & Red Vinyl

More Than A Love Song 4:47
Ice Cream (Pay Phone) 3:52
Mrs. Postman 4:08
Chronicles Of A Diamond 3:29
Angel 5:05
Hello 3:57
Sauvignon 3:19
Tomorrow 4:51
Gemini Sun 4:33
Rock And Roll 4:52