Boygenius - The Rest EP 10" : Indie Exclusive

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Released as Boygenius wrapped up their supporting tour for The Record, The Rest doesn't contain leftovers from the proper album. The trio recorded these four songs in May, not long after the release of The Record, making this more of a companion than a supplement. The EP feels a bit hushed when compared to the LP, a quietness that helps shift the focus to the individual singer/songwriters rather than the collective. Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus do share vocals on the EP's opening number, "Black Hole," which sets a contemplative, twilight tone that the remaining three songs continue. The sharpened melodies and bold guitars that distinguished The Record are conspicuously gone, making The Rest sound a bit like an extended sigh: it's a comedown record, a bittersweet punctuation at the end of the day. The EP's wistful quality combined with its brevity can make The Rest seem almost unassuming, but it's not slight: it's a welcome coda to the relative exuberance of The Record.

10" on gold vinyl

1 Black Hole 2:21
2 Afraid Of Heights 2:41
3 Voyager 2:48
4 Powers 4:14