Brockhampton - Saturation III

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The third and final installment of 2017's Saturation series arrived a couple weeks before the end of the year, closing out an impressive run for the hybrid rap outfit Brockhampton. SATURATION III featured more left-field production and samples (including the Nintendo Wii music for propulsive, sax-driven lead single "Boogie") as well as the crew's typically inventive and self-aware rhymes. On "Stains," they even address this issue of quality and quantity when Ashlan Grey quips, "Still talking about the same shit/The one gay, the one selling drugs/The one that's tryna act like Lil Wayne." From the sing-song "Stupid" to the smooth R&B of "Bleach," SATURATION III entertains as much as its two predecessors. Upon release, the album charted at 15 on the Billboard 200, climbing to the five spot on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts and capping off Brockhampton's wild year as one of rap's most prolific and exciting groups.

Boogie 3:13
Zipper 3:22
Johnny 4:12
Liquid 1:22
Cinema 1 0:46
Stupid 3:37
Bleach 4:33
Alaska 3:19
Hottie 3:17
Cinema 2 0:39
Sister 3:48
Nation 2:16
Rental 3:34
Stains 2:59
Cinema 3 0:51
Team 4:34