BTS - Love Yourself: Tear

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For the first time ever, BTS’ highly successful mini album Love Yourself ? 'Tear' is now available on vinyl! Featuring the group’s hit songs “FAKE LOVE” and “The Truth Untold (feat. Steve Aoki),” Love Yourself ? 'Tear' landed on the top of the charts across the globe upon its original release in 2018. Contents of this vinyl album package include a 12” Vinyl, Outer Sleeve, Booklet, Hologram Photo Card Set (incl. 7ea), Post Card and Sticker Set (incl. 2ea).

Intro: Singularity 3:17
Fake Love 4:02
The Truth Untold 4:02
134340 3:50
Paradise 3:31
Love Maze 3:42
Magic Shop 4:36
Airplane, Pt. 2 3:39
Anpanman 3:53
So What 4:42
Outro: Tear 4:45