Chris Cornell - Songbook

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After spending over a decade avoiding his past, Chris Cornell reconnected with it in a big way during 2010. First, he reunited with Soundgarden, their tour so successful it spilled over into a studio collaboration interrupted by Cornell launching an acoustic tour where he revisited his catalog, quite definitively tying his solo career and time with Audioslave to Soundgarden. Songbook is a live album culled from this tour and has Cornell sampling from all phases of his career, often spinning harder-rocking songs into moody reflective territory. Unlike his solo debut, Euphoria Morning, this never sounds solipsistic; Cornell is engaged, looking outward to the audience, giving subtly forceful performances that often rescue overlooked tunes -- including selections from his electronica makeover Scream -- and freshen up familiar songs, including covers of Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You” and John Lennon’s “Imagine.” He sounds at peace with his past and comfortable with his present, and that casual assurance makes Songbook his best solo offering to date.

2xLP Acoustic Live Album

As Hope And Promise Fade 3:47
Scar On The Sky 3:40
Call Me A Dog 4:52
Ground Zero 2:59
Can't Change Me 4:19
I Am The Highway 4:57
Thank You 4:48
Cleaning My Gun 5:19
Wide Awake 3:33
Fell On Black Days 5:05
All Night Thing 3:25
Doesn't Remind Me 4:08
Like A Stone 4:04
Black Hole Sun 4:38
Imagine 4:07
The Keeper 3:58