Chuck Berry - Berry Is On Top (180g Red Vinyl)

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If you had to sweat all of Chuck Berry's early albums on Chess (and some, but not all, of his subsequent greatest-hits packages), this would be the one to own. The song lineup is exemplary, cobbling together classics like "Maybellene," "Carol," "Sweet Little Rock & Roller," "Little Queenie," "Roll Over Beethoven," "Around and Around," "Johnny B. Goode," and "Almost Grown." With the addition of the Latin-flavored "Hey Pedro," the steel guitar workout "Blues for Hawaiians," "Anthony Boy," and "Jo Jo Gunne," this serves as almost a mini-greatest-hits package in and of itself. While this may be merely a collection of singles and album ballast (as were most rock & roll LPs of the 1950s and early '60s), it ends up being the most perfectly realized of Chuck Berry's career.

Limited Edition Remaster on Red Vinyl

Almost Grown 2:21
Carol 2:21
Maybellene 2:27
Sweet Little Rock & Roller 2:39
Anthony Boy 2:26
Johnny B. Goode 2:30
Little Queenie 2:36
Jo Jo Gunne 2:49
Roll Over Beethoven 2:30
Around And Around 2:20
Hey Pedro 2:18
Blues For Hawaiians 2:25