Circa Survive - Blue Sky Noise

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Neo-progressive emo-punk outfit Circa Survive's major-label follow-up to 2007’s On Letting Go is (not surprisingly, considering the Atlantic emblem on the spine) the group’s most commercial effort to date. Grammy-winning producer David Bottrill (Tool, Muse, King Crimson) reined in some of the more frenetic aspects of the band’s past, allowing more room for vocalist Anthony Green to fill with angst. Blue Sky Noise's front-loaded singles, “Strange Terrain” and “Get Out,” are radio- and action/sci-fi/horror soundtrack-ready, employing just enough edge to please longtime fans and more than enough polish to lure Hot Topic customers into the nearest record store/download hub. Green's voice, which sounds like a petulant teen mash-up of Geddy Lee and Jeremy Enigk, remains as divisive as ever, but it’s as powerful as it is whiny, especially on deeper cuts like “Fever Dreams” and “Imaginary Enemy.” Blue Sky Noise, with all of its spit-shine and modern rock luster, may not move mountains outside of its own pained and heavily marketed demographic, but as long as superhero movie franchises remain profitable, bands like Circa Survive will be there to play over the credits.

Strange Terrain    3:57
Get Out    3:10
Glass Arrows    4:12
I Felt Free    3:56
Imaginary Enemy    4:24
Through The Desert Alone    4:07
Frozen Creek    5:16
Fever Dreams    4:35
Spirit Of The Stairwell    5:30
The Longest Mile    4:04
Compendium    1:49
Dyed In The Wool    4:56