Danzig - III: How The Gods Kill

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Featuring disturbing cover art from H.R. Giger, Danzig's third album continues to expand the band's musical range; rather than pounding away at simple blues riffs, the atmospheric title track (yet another rewrite of "Twist of Cain," this time at a slower tempo) and the haunting ballad "Sistinas" attempt to match their music with the darkness of Glenn Danzig's lyrics, resulting in two of the album's high points. Danzig's vocals are more subtle in places, and John Christ's guitar work continues to improve. Arguably the definitive Danzig album.

1 Godless 6:50
2 Anything 4:49
3 Bodies 4:25
4 How the Gods Kill 5:57
5 Dirty Black Summer 5:14
6 Left Hand Black 4:30
7 Heart of the Devil 4:40
8 Sistinas 4:25
9 Do You Wear the Mark 4:47
10 When the Dying Calls 3:31