Deadbolt - Tiki Man

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Proclaiming themselves the "scariest band in the world" leaves Deadbolt with some hefty expectations to live up to. Then again, with the songs on Tiki Man populated by psychotic clowns ("Patches the Clown"), bizarre insect-human mutations ("Insecto") and a lunatic named "Cockeye," the band provides some creepily persuasive arguments to back up their claim. Deadbolt's primal surf sound and spoken vocal style owe much to psychobilly pioneers the Cramps, but Deadbolt apply their own warped sensibilities to the material, particularly on the "Patches the Clown" track, which features a hilarious interlude where Patches' "victims" relate their terrible run-ins with the maniacal clown (one man complains of being beaten with a ping pong paddle). While Deadbolt may face some stiff competition from the likes of the Cramps and the Misfits for the "scariest band in the world" title, Tiki Man is a strong, entertainingly warped disc, one that would certainly help set the mood at the discerning hipsters' Halloween party.

1 Scare Me
2 Voodoobilly Man
3 Who The Hell Is Mrs. Valdez?
4 Tiki Man
5 Insecto
6 Patches The Clown
7 Twang Zombie
8 Channel 5
9 The Meat
10 Mambo Room
11 Chuty's House Of Beer
12 Cockeye
13 The Lucy Joke