DeadMau5 - For Lack Of A Better Name

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Transparent Turquoise Vinyl

 With a boost from Pete Tong's radio show, wunderkind Deadmau5 (aka Joel Zimmerman) has made his presence felt in the progressive house scene. This 2009 mix album compiles previously released and unreleased tracks, sequenced and segued like one of Deadmau5's exciting live spots. The spare aggression of "FML" is a dramatic kickoff to a collection that demonstrates Zimmerman's skill in manipulating moods. A funereal organ theme runs through both the playful "Moar Ghosts n Stuff" and its powerful companion track, "Ghosts n Stuff" (featuring an angsty/sexy vocal from Pendulum's Rob Swire), exploring both ends of the life/death continuum, before sliding effortlessly into the celebratory "Hi Friend!" (featuring MC Flipside). "The 16th Hour" bubbles along on a manic riff -- compelling if not inventive -- until a quiet interlude prettily deconstructs and comments on the original motif. The gorgeous and restorative "Strobe" lets listeners/dancers down gently.

FML 6:35
Moar Ghosts N Stuff 4:30
Ghosts N Stuff 3:15
Hi Friend! 5:15
Bot 5:22
Word Problems 7:49
Soma 6:07
Lack Of A Better Name 6:58
The 16th Hour 9:29
Strobe 10:37