Deerhoof - Reveille

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Clear Sun Colored Vinyl

Back in print on vinyl! Deerhoof debuts their new guitarist John Dieterich and achieves widespread critical acclaim for the first time.2002's Reveille is a defiant expression of artistic rebirth, spilling over with madcap exuberance, apocalyptic imagery, new found technical confidence belying their no-budget DIY recording methods, and jarring stylistic about-faces in which no two songs sound alike. The contrast of Satomi's ever-catchy, ever-charming melodiousness with John and Greg's noisy, cinematic bombast still has the power to thrill and tickle and upset, more than 20 years after it's initial release. Includes reimagined cover art with the faint morning glow the band had always envisioned, pressed on clear sun-colored vinyl. Complete lyrics included for the first time, written by Satomi on the center labels.

Sound The Alarm 0:20
This Magnificent Bird Will Rise 3:32
The Eyebright Bugler 0:42
Punch Buggy Valves 1:53
No One Fed Me So I Stayed 0:47
Our Angel's Ululu 1:41
The Last Trumpeter Swan 8:10
Top Tim Rubies 1:56
Tuning A Stray 0:07
Holy Night Fever 1:18
All Rise 1:08
Frenzied Handsome, Hello! 1:47
Days & Nights In The Forest 3:59
Hark The Umpire 1:19
Cooper 2:04
Hallelujah Chorus 2:44