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Denon DP-30L Turntable
Denon DP-30L Turntable
Denon DP-30L Turntable

Denon DP-30L Turntable

$ 299.99

Fully Serviced with 30 day limited warranty.

Includes brand new Audio Technica AT95E cartridge.

Automatic Lift Direct-Drive Turntable


Features of the Denon DP-30L turntable include:

Auto-lift system with a non-contact record-end sensor

Outstanding anti-howling characteristics achieved by a cabinet made of new compound material (HDC)

Unique magnetic record detection system

The Denon DP-30L II is an improved version of the original DP-30L/30LS, featuring a light mass straight tonearm.

The electrical circuitry and rating are identical to those of the original model.


Drive system: AC servo motor, direct drive

Wow and flutter: 0.015% WRMS (servo)

Signal to noise ratio: 78dB

Tonearm: S-shaped (mk1), straight low mass (mk2)

Dimensions: 450 x 140 x 403mm

Weight: 9.5kg