Devil’s Brigade - S/T

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Following two 12-inch singles from 2003 and 2005, after a long wait, Rancid spinoff Devil’s Brigade released their debut self-titled album in 2010. In true psychobilly fashion, lead singer Matt Freeman sings in a gruff Gene Simmons-esque growl as he slaps his upright bass in time to the rhythmic skiffle of percussionist D.J. Bonebrake. “Ride Harley Ride” takes a surf-rock cue from Dick Dale with Tim Armstrong providing some tasty tremolo guitar bends, while “Bridge of Gold” takes a punky approach to Appalachian bluegrass. For this classic-sounding number, Freeman sings of his journeys out west in hopes of getting a job building the Golden Gate Bridge, as Lars Fredriksen and Tim Armstrong take drunken turns caterwauling the verses. It’s a far cry from the straightforward modern-day punk of Rancid, but open-minded fans of the band may find the tumbleweed twist from the norm enticing.

A1 I'm Movin Through
A2 My Own Man Now
A3 Shakedown
A4 Bridge Of Gold
A5 Darlene
A6 Ride Harley Ride
B1 Who's Gonna Save You Now
B2 Desperate Times
B3 Vampire Girl
B4 Gentleman Of The Road
B5 Protest Song
B6 Half Way To Hell