Doors, The - Alive She Cried (40th Anniversary Edition)

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For the first 17 years of their history, the only official live Doors album was Absolutely Live, which had its virtues -- especially as it captured elements of their harder, more ambitious repertoire -- but also left more casual fans rather cold, owing to the absence of any of their biggest hits. Alive, She Cried helped solve that problem, including as it did a concert version of "Light My Fire" and also adding a legendary concert piece -- their rendition of Van Morrison's mid-'60s Them-era classic "Gloria" -- to the Doors' official Elektra Records discography. The release was extremely popular but it also revealed the reason why "Light My Fire" had not made it onto the prior live album, which was principally a matter of Jim Morrison's boredom with a song not his own that he'd performed too many times by 1970, and also owing to the fact that the band had done about 90 percent of everything they were going to do with the song in its original album version; Morrison is at his most inspired and involved on the "Graveyard Poem" that he interjects during the break, and everything else is an elaboration of the extended jam originally heard on the studio recording.

On Limited Edition Emerald Vinyl

Gloria 6:17
Light My Fire (Incl. Graveyard Poem) 9:51
You Make Me Real 3:06
Texas Radio & The Big Beat 1:52
Love Me Two Times 3:17
Little Red Rooster 7:05
Moonlight Drive (Including Horse Latitudes) 5:34