Echo & The Bunnymen - Porcupine (Rocktober)

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Porcupine, Echo & the Bunnymen's third album, has garnered a reputation for being as prickly as its namesake. Although the record is lined with jagged guitars and is arguably the band's darkest offering, these aspects suit the Bunnymen just fine. Ian McCulloch, in particular, sounds right at home on this brooding set of songs; his deep, Jim Morrison-esque vocals perfectly convey his intriguing, shadowy tales. Porcupine is front-loaded with its two key singles: the startling "The Cutter" and the strangely grand "The Back of Love." Both songs benefit from the dramatic string playing of Shankar, who also also lends an ominous drone to "Heads Will Roll." Throughout the album, McCulloch conjures up vivid lyrical imagery with his powerful voice, from the demonic depths of "My White Devil" and "Higher Hell" to the soaring heights of "God Will Be Gods" and "In Bluer Skies." Expanded editions include five alternate versions of album tracks, along with the excellent B-side "Fuel" and the much-loved single "Never Stop (Discotheque)," rounding out a record that holds its own with other revered Bunnymen outings.

The Cutter 3:50
Back Of Love 3:12
My White Devil 4:30
Clay 4:10
Porcupine 5:55
Heads Will Roll 3:28
Ripeness 4:46
Higher Hell 5:00
Gods Will Be Gods 4:10
In Bluer Skies 5:55