Erasure - Always (The Very Best of Erasure)

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Displaying the evolution of the synth pop duo by way of their representative singles, Always: The Very Best of Erasure aims to be the most concise roundup for the three-decade-old group, as it cuts the two-disc Total Pop! The First 40 Hits down to one 20-track disc. Arguing about the omissions means talking about the second tier as all the necessary songs are included, with "Who Needs Love Like That," "Oh l'Amour," "Love to Hate You," and the title cut all taking their rightful place. The group's later years -- less commercially successful but arguably more artistically rich -- are well presented with career highlights such as "Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer's Day)" and "Elevation" on board, then the rebooted 2015 remix of "Sometimes" closes the set like a fun curio. As a one-stop shop, this is an easy pick for those looking for the whole career overview, but returning fans and fanatics might want to seek out the limited and bonus editions, which add 12" mixes from the group's heyday along with new remixes from the likes of David Wrench and group member Vince Clarke.