Get Up Kids - Something To Write Home About

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Emocore, an especially melodic and angst-driven form of punk that emerged from Washington, D.C., in the mid to late '80s, is making a major comeback. So much so that it wouldn't be surprising to see the producers of Sesame Street release Emo with Elmo, featuring Grover, Kermit, and especially Oscar the Grouch covering songs by EmbraceRites of Spring, and Soulside. Which brings us to the Get Up Kids, whose second album, Something to Write Home About, is nearly as engaging as one of those old Sesame sketches featuring sock-puppet Martians and a ringing telephone. Sonically the band combines ragged Superchunk-style vocals with buzzing, hook-filled guitars and chiming, new-wave keyboards. Lyrically, however, the Get Up Kids are pretty down, lamenting damaged relationships with lines like, "I'm seeing much clearer now / You're just a face that I've gotten over" ("Red Letter Day") and "It's like you're falling in love while I'm just falling apart" ("10 Minutes"). But however angry or dejected they might be, the Get Up Kids find something worth celebrating. Whether it's the energy of last night's heated argument or the bittersweet relief of severing ties, Something to Write Home About is all about getting up and moving on. --Jon Wiederhorn