Ghostface Killah - Ghostfunk

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MAX TANNONE DELIVERS ONCE AGAIN. With Kweli and Mos Dub reaching "classic" status among heads, the NY producer releases Ghostfunk, a "mashup" album pairing Ghostface Killah (and few other Wu mcs like Raekwon and Cappadonna)'s verses with vintage Afrian funk, high-life, and psych rock instrumentals. As with his previous projects, the production value is top notch; not off-key or forced at any point, each track sounds original and natural as if it was an album/official cut. Check out "Mighty Agho" ("Mighty Healthy" over "Agho" from Sir Victor Uwaifo), "Make It N.Y." ("New York" over "Make It Fast, Make It Slow" from Rob Kanda"), "Danger 500" ("Daytona 500" over "Danger" from Lijadu Sisters), "Breakthrough Kids" ("Apollo Kids" over "Breakthrough" from The Funkees), and "Funky Criminology" ("Criminology" over "Mondo Soul Funky" from Ebo Taylor Jr.).

Make It N.Y.
Dem Back
Mighty Agho
The Same Girl
Three Lords
Danger 500
Astro Easy Love
Dear Psychdelic Woman
Breakthrough Kids
Funky Criminology