Godsmack - S/T

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Boston's Godsmack confidently brought nu-metal rock into the technological age by seamlessly incorporating noisy hooks into a tight framework of pulsing beats, processed vocals, and a slew of programmed samples, edits, and voiceovers. Singer/producer Sully Erna unloads a barrage of in-your-face verbal assaults, lambasting the often bumpy road of love relationships. These songs are caustic and unapologetic, with ear-splitting guitars and energetic drumming. Both "Moonbaby" and "Timebomb" are fraught with explosive guitar riffs, while "Voodoo" does an about-face and confronts the theme of obsessive love with full-bodied percussion. Godsmack's innovative use of sample mixing may lead to the erroneous conclusion that this reissued release sought to capitalize on sounds made fashionable by the likes of Prodigy and Monster Magnet. But one listen to Sully Erna's achingly brittle vocals is all that's needed to fully convince anyone that Godsmack makes serious hard rock.

2xLP on Black Vinyl

Moon Baby 4:23
Whatever 3:24
Keep Away 4:49
Time Bomb 3:57
Bad Religion 3:13
Immune 4:52
Someone In London 2:02
Get Up, Get Out! 3:27
Now Or Never 5:03
Stress 5:02
Situation 5:44
Voodoo 4:39
(silence) 2:04
Witch Hunt 2:20