Iron Reagan / Gatecreeper – Split 12"

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Featuring Arizona-based old-school death metal purveyors Gatecreeper and Richmond, Virginia-born crossover/thrash enthusiasts Iron Reagan, the Split EP makes up for its diminutive running time (just under 18 minutes) and lazy title via a lethal blast of unmitigated sonic brutality. The latter outfit occupies side A, delivering a five-song barrage that's as groove-laden and sneakily melodic as it is aurally unrelenting -- every cut is a pit-worthy sweatfest -- with highlights arriving by way of the defiant "Warning" and the caustic "Burn for This." Gatecreeper arrive via the smoldering, blast furnace-forged instrumental "Daybreak," and then proceed to unleash a pair of lyrically despondent, decibel-crushing neck-snappers that should please fans of Entombed, Obituary, and Cannibal Corpse

Iron Reagan– Warning
Iron Reagan– Paper Shredder
Iron Reagan– Take The Fall
Iron Reagan– Proudly Unaccountable
Iron Reagan– Burn For This
Gatecreeper– Daybreak (Intro)
Gatecreeper– Dead Inside
Gatecreeper– War Has Begun