Jamiroquai - Return of the Space Cowboy

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Jamiroquai's sophomore record had all the slinky grooves and great musicianship of the debut, but it also offered a better set of songs and more ambitious musical themes. As with Emergency on Planet Earth, Jason Kay's dead-on impression of Stevie Wonder and Sly Stone drives the group's blend of acid jazz and funky R&B. "Space Cowboy" and "Light Years" were hits all over the world, and made the band stars in Europe and Japan, while substantial clubplay earned them a degree of recognition for American audiences. But Jamiroquai refused to be known as simply a party band; the group takes on social issues such as homelessness and Native Americans' rights.

1 Just Another Story 8:48
2 Stillness in Time 4:15
3 Half the Man 4:48
4 Light Years 5:53
5 Manifest Destiny 6:19
6 The Kids 5:08
7 Mr Moon 5:28
8 Scam 7:00
9 Journey to Arnhemland 5:19
10 Morning Glory 6:21
11 Space Cowboy 6:25