Jimin - Face

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On his official debut effort, Jimin takes a wide step away from his usual role as the sensitive, angel-voiced member of BTS, delivering a surprisingly defiant and bold set of songs, Face. Ready to take his turn in the spotlight, he immediately unloads with "Face-off," lamenting, "Tonight I don't wanna be sober/Pour it up, it's all f*cking over," over a hypnotic loop that sounds like an artist descending into the depths of madness. On the escapist hedonism of "Like Crazy," a sensual opening dialogue gives way to shimmering synths that propel the track through a neon skyline. It's sexy, provocative, and a welcome change of pace. Later, on the raucous "Set Me Free Pt. 2," horns blare, beats pop, and Jimin shows off his rapping skills, shouting to the heavens about freedom and release. Balancing both his vulnerable and fiercely intense sides, he manages to reveal more of himself in 20 minutes than he has to date. Unlike the (mostly) expected solo directions of his BTS bandmates, Face is a revelation, setting aside the tender softness and purging his inner demons in thrilling fashion.

Face-off    3:50
Interlude : Dive    2:11
Like Crazy    3:32
Alone    3:31
Set Me Free Pt.2    3:22
Like Crazy (English Version)    3:30