Justice - Hyperdrama

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On Crystal Clear 2xLP Vinyl

Ever since their early singles, Justice have challenged expectations, and on Hyperdrama, they show no sign of stopping. Given that eight years separate this album and its predecessor, Woman, it could be assumed that Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay were ready to take dancefloors by storm once again, but on Hyperdrama, atmosphere is king. The duo recorded the album at de Rosnay's home studio, and it often sounds like dance music for a night in; on "Dear Alan," vinyl-like crackles permeate drifting clouds of synths and intricate bass. At other times, the album feels strangely distant, like music coming from a club a few blocks away, as on the aptly named "Afterimage," where RIMON's breathily pretty vocals heighten the track's overall wispiness. Occasionally, Hyperdrama's haziness works in its favor: Tame Impala brings enough presence to both "Neverender" and "One Night/All Night" to lend some momentum to their blurry grooves. However, when Miguel comes in loud and clear on the new jack-tinged "Saturnine" and Thundercat presides over the moody disco-funk of "The End," it's undeniable that the album's energy level surges. Likewise, "Generator"'s looming synth riffs, choppy textures, and rolling rolling show that Justice can reinvigorate their signature style without relying on played-out buildups and breakdowns. Fun sonic flourishes abound, like the heady call-and-response of "Incognito" or the winding melody that gives "Explorer" a phantom of the discotheque vibe, but ultimately, Hyperdrama is neither catchy enough to play to the duo's pop strengths nor bold enough to highlight Justice's experimental skills. That it doesn't leave much of an impression compared to the rest of Augé and de Rosnay's work might be the most unexpected thing about it.

Neverender    4:26
Generator    4:43
Afterimage    4:06
One Night/All Night    4:36
Dear Alan    5:33
Incognito    4:02
Mannequin Love    3:27
Moonlight Rendez-Vous    2:00
Explorer    4:09
Muscle Memory    4:10
Harpy Dream    0:28
Saturnine    3:22
The End    4:14