Kodak Black - Back For Everything

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Florida rap star Kodak Black's Auto-Tuned flows and occasional witty punchlines are on equal footing with the beat selection throughout fourth studio album Back for Everything, a lengthy collection that often shows more personality with its instrumentals than Kodak's rapping does. The synth-heavy production is engaging and often explores unexpected textures. "Love & War" blurs summery swells of guitar with a looping steel drum melody before a booming trap rhythm and Kodak's devilish, throaty vocals come in. During moments like this, the Lil Durk-assisted "Take You Back" (the album's only song with a featured guest), the druggy synth pop of "Hitting Houses," and the eerie, certified platinum hit "Super Gremlin," Kodak sounds activated by the exciting instrumental backing. Elsewhere, his performances tend toward the generic, stumbling through by-the-numbers bragging about his wealth or forgettable tales of struggles and hardship coming up. Though Back for Everything is still enjoyable as a nearly hour-long project, Kodak Black's performances run out of inspiration long before the production, and the entire album could benefit from an edit that cuts out roughly under half of the inferior tracks to let the stronger ones shine.

Colored Vinyl

1 Let Me Know 3:20
2 Back for Everything 2:47
3 Grinding All Season 2:50
4 Smackers 2:11
5 On Everything 3:12
6 Purple Stamp 2:19
7 Midas Touch 3:00
8 Sink My Ship 3:16
9 Usain Boo 3:06
10 Vulnerable (Free Cool) 2:21
11 Elite Division 2:28
12 Omega 3:09
13 Hitting Houses 3:39
14 Love Isn't Enough 2:27
15 Take You Back 3:21
     feat. Lil Durk
16 He Love the Streets 3:31
17 Super Gremlin 3:20
18 I Wish 2:45
19 Love & War 3:59