Laufey - Typical of Me (Gold Vinyl)

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Like a warm hug from an old friend, Icelandic-Chinese multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Laufey channels the jazz and traditional pop greats of yore on her debut EP, Typical of Me. Nostalgic and soothing, this short set primes the young artist as one to watch, showcasing her technical prowess and innate charm with tracks such as the chart-topping Icelandic radio hit "Street by Street" and on the breezy bossa nova sway of "I Wish You Love." Modernizing the sounds of influences like Ella Fitzgerald, Chet Baker, Julie London, and Bill Evans, Laufey harmonizes and soothes with her rich vocals, showing off her range on the lush "Magnolia" and "Someone New." In addition to handling piano and string duties herself, she also boasts a knack for transportive storytelling, whether she's recounting a crush gone sour on the witty "James" or whisking listeners to faraway places on the romantic "Like the Movies." Every song on Typical of Me is a gem, brimming with potential and the insight of an artist twice her age. Much like Norah Jones and Fiona Apple before her, Laufey respects traditions and her inspirations, updating the familiar with a precocious touch that bodes well for her future.

Street By Street 3:45
Magnolia 3:01
Like The Movies 2:42
I Wish You Love 2:36
James 2:56
Someone New 3:18
Best Friend 2:45