Local Natives - But I'll Wait For You

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Iridescent Blue and White Vinyl

Opening track Alpharetta greets listeners with a palette of ethereal production and flawless vocal harmonies setting the stage for what's to come throughout the rest of the record. "Throw It in the Fire" and "Neon Memory" follow with tight percussive drum, bass, and shaker driven numbers graced with impeccable playing and fantastic vocal phrasing. 

Standout track "Camera Shy" sings out in effortless melody and harmony "momentary life takes forever" atop another tight groove. "Ending Credits" gives a welcomed impression of Radiohead's "Everything In It's Right Place" that opens up beautifully as the track progresses. Knockout single "April" is a a memorable melancholy groover that pushes sound of painful longing and hope. 

In the title track closer, Rice sings "Time will wait for no one, but I'll wait for you". Soaring vocals send a lyrical flare to hail mary the album home. Amidst all the chaos, pain, and never ending pressure of time; to pursue love and that which is meaningful, not expedient. 

1 . Alpharetta
2. Throw It In The Fire
3. Neon Memory
4. Camera Shy
5. As Soon As You Arrive
6. Ending Credits
7. Raincoat
8. April
9. Walk Before You Run
10. But I’ll Wait For You