M83 - Fantasy (Blue Vinyl)

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Described by M83's Anthony Gonzalez as some of his most personal work, Fantasy does indeed capture what makes his music tick: an unabashed, maximalist love of spinning dreams. Gonzalez may have shied away from making anything quite as crowd-pleasing as Hurry Up, We're Dreaming in the years following that double album's release, but Fantasy's reveries reveal he hasn't lost any of his talent for crafting massive sound worlds. Building from a ringing acoustic guitar -- an instrument not usually associated with M83's fusion of synth pop and shoegaze -- the confident expanse of "Water Deep"'s synths and strings feels equally appropriate for a blockbuster movie soundtrack or a blockbuster musical statement of Gonzalez's own creation. On the suite-like "Kool Nuit," the mood shifts from dusky contemplation bedecked with harp, strings, and fluttering analog synths to streaking electronics that build to a climax that's dramatic even by M83's standards. Gonzalez still knows how to harness these huge sonics for maximum emotional impact. It's hard not to follow him "beyond adventure" on the gleaming crests of "Oceans Niagara"'s psychedelic synth-rock or get lost in the romance of "Us and the Rest"'s sunset-like glow. And, as always, his uncanny talent for using what might be clichéd in other hands in moving and meaningful ways endures on "Laura," where a jubilant saxophone solo underscores his euphoric declaration that "it's OK to lose control sometimes." Gonzalez handles most of the album's vocals, reaffirming that despite its massive sound, Fantasy is close to his heart. M83 has always excelled at mining nostalgia for pop gold, and on "Amnesia" -- one of a handful of moments that hark back to the exhilarating songcraft of Saturdays = Youth or Hurry Up, We're Dreaming -- Gonzalez adds hints of the project's work in the 2000s to the fond echoes of the 1980s and '90s that make up his music's roots. He also takes inspiration from Before the Dawn Heals Us' hopeful innocence and its twining interplay of synths and guitar, both of which shine on the standouts "Sunny Boy" and "Deceiver." True to its name, Fantasy isn't for the skeptical; Gonzalez demands you dive in with him, and a lot of fans will be happy to take the plunge.

Limited Edition 2xLP Blue Marble Vinyl 

1 Water Deep 3:11
2 Oceans Niagara 4:31
3 Amnesia 4:03
4 Us and the Rest 5:31
5 Earth to Sea 6:40
6 Radar, Far, Gone 4:05
7 Deceiver 6:29
8 Fantasy 4:34
9 Laura 4:08
10 Sunny Boy 6:04
11 Kool Nuit 7:56
feat. Kaela
12 Sunny Boy Part 2 1:59
13 Dismemberment Bureau 7:05