New Found Glory - Resurrection (Coke Bottle Green Vinyl)

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Bouncing back from their first lineup change since the band formed in 1997, New Found Glory return with Resurrection, an album of triumphant pop-punk that finds the band returning with a newfound sense of focus and confidence. Written after the band's tumultuous relationship with guitarist Steve Klein led to his ejection from the group, New Found Glory sound like anything but a band recovering from a tragic loss. Revitalized and refocused, New Found Glory tackle the ugly business of parting ways with pop-punk aplomb, pouring their energy into creating the quintessential break-up record. Rather than a sonic pity party fueled by torch songs, however, Resurrection is the kind of break-up album you dive into when you've decided you're finally over everything and ready to emerge into the sunlight once again. The band sounds vital and energetic, and while there's still a hint of sour grapes to be heard, all in all the album feels like a return to the basics. Given how well New Found Glory have bounced back from losing a founding member, fans can rest assured that there are bright things in the future for the newly streamlined punk outfit.

The Worst Person
Ready & Willing
One More Round
Vicious Love
Stories Of A Different Kind
Living Hell
On My Own