O.S.T. - Barbie the Film Score

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By Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt

On Neon Barbie Pink Vinyl

A1 Creation Of Barbie
A2 Pink (”Barbie” Opening Theme)
A3 Beach Off
A4 Ken Thinks
A5 Stairway To Weird Barbie
A6 Thoughts Of Death
A7 Send Me Through The Portal
A8 Ken Makes A Discovery
A9 Bus Stop Billie
A10 Mattel
A11 Meeting Ruth
B12 You Failed Me!
B13 Alan Vs Kens
B14 Deprogramming
B15 Warmth Of Your Gaze
B16 An Ending
B17 I Don't Have An Ending
B18 What Was I Made For? (Epilogue)