Paul McCartney - III Imagined

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Take note of the title. This is McCartney III Imagined, not "re-imagined." The difference may be slight, but the implication is clear: this collection of remixes, covers, and interpolations from Paul McCartney's 2020 album McCartney III by a variety of guest stars isn't a revision of the original, but rather an album that exists on its own parallel plane. McCartney's presence naturally looms large on McCartney III Imagined, as he provided the essential foundation for the record, not only through its songs but the original instrumental and vocal tracks. His vocals float in and out in the remixes, the apparent aging of his voice standing in striking contrast to the sleek, seamless electronic expansions. These remixes are interesting, but the most compelling moments on McCartney III Imagined arrive when artists cut their own version of one of the album's tracks: Phoebe Bridgers finding the sweet, spectral pulse on "Seize the Day," Beck singing along to his funkified version of "Find My Way," and Josh Homme treating "Lavatory Lil" like a Desert Sessions jam. These moments help elevate McCartney III Imagined into something a little more than a curio.