Vintage Pioneer SX-727 Stereo Receiver

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AM/FM Stereo Receiver (1972-74)

37 Watts Per Channel

The SX-727 is a sensitive AM/FM stereo receiver with up to 195 watts of power into 4 ohms, two tape monitor circuits, linear FM dial scale and supreme versatility.

Upper range power output, unusual FM selectivity and sensitivity and the versatility of units costing much, much more - the SX-727 stereo receiver from Pioneer puts together all of these hi-fi virtues and offers the music enthusiast a new high in stereo value.

Versatility is the keynote of this attractively-designed unit - the SX-727 handles up to two tape decks, two turntables, three pairs of speaker systems and a microphone.

Its sensitive FM section is loaded with the very latest of solid state circuitry - the better to offer distortion-free reception.

Its direct-coupled power amplifier circuitry means a wide power bandwidth and superb frequency response.

And the unit puts out up to 195 watts of music power (at 4 ohms), more than enough to fill a large room with great sound.