Primus - Conspiranoid (White Vinyl)

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On this three-track EP, prog heroes Primus tackle the culture of misinformation that bubbled up into the socio-political landscape and mainstream discourse in the years following the release of 2017's The Desaturating Seven. With a wink and a tongue in cheek, the aptly titled Conspiranoid pokes fun at various conspiracy theories and beliefs related to society, politics, and the pandemic, set against swirling, mind-bending psychedelic prog explorations, most notably on their longest song to date, the over-11-minute title track. That paranoid nightmare is followed by the funky, elastic "Follow the Fool" and the characteristically wacky "Erin on the Side of Caution," the most sonically hard-edged offering on the set. While not essential, it's an interesting diversion from their main catalog material.

A1 Conspiranoia 11:30
B1 Follow The Fool 3:45
B2 Erin On The Side Of Caution 4:32