Refused - Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent

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The second full-length release from Sweden's Refused, Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent was released in 1996 to uniform praise as the group's worldwide following grew in both numbers and intensity. Signifying a musical evolution that culminated with their masterpiece The Shape of Punk to Come, Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent is perhaps the most metal offering in the group's catalogue. Consistently aggressive, the staccato guitar riffs and drumming rest directly on top of the beat, giving this tighter, later-era Refused material a thick sound that retains its punk energy. Highlights include the almost-death metal grooves on "Life Support Addiction" and "Worthless Is the Freedom Bought," the latter being a somewhat scattered but still monumental hardcore epic. Quiet sections on cuts like "Return to the Closet" are an ambitious surprise that fans of the group's more single-minded early-career demos and EPs might not feel any special affinity for. But this range just broadens the band's unique appeal. A truly definitive late-'90s hardcore disc, Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent is a first-rate record from one of the best, most aggressive hardcore bands of this or any era.

A1 Rather Be Dead
A2 Coup D'etat
A3 Hook, Line And Sinker
A4 Return To The Closet
A5 Life Support Addiction
A6 It's Not O.k...
B1 Crusader Of Hopelessness
B2 Worthless Is The Freedom Bought...
B3 This Trust Will Kill Again
B4 Beauty
B5 Last Minute Pointer
B6 The Slayer
C1 Rather Be Dead
C2 Beauty
C3 Coup D'etat
C4 It's Not O.k...
C5 Crusader Of Hopelessness
C6 Life Support Addiction
D1 The Slayer
D2 Da Message
D3 Hook, Line And Sinker
D4 This Trust Will Kill Again
D5 Circle Pit
D6 Return To Frankenstein