Rex Orange County - Who Cares?

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English singer/songwriter Alexander O'Connor, aka Rex Orange County, has garnered acclaim for his low-key brand of '70s-style AM pop, a vibe he continues to perfect on his artful and heartfelt fourth album, 2022's Who Cares? On past albums O'Connor has showcased his knack for making hummable piano-driven songs that smartly evoke the classic work of artists like Elton John and Randy Newman, but with nods to contemporary indie rock and hip-hop influences. Recorded in the Netherlands with the similarly AM pop-influenced Benny Sings (Tim Van Berkestijn), Who Cares? is a perfect amalgam of O'Connor's throwback instincts, marked by sun-dappled melodies, orchestral sections, woody bass grooves, and a cloudy-day sadness that feels decidedly post-millennial. What's particularly compelling this time out is just how good the songwriting is. Previously, while O'Connor might have evinced a jazzy, '70s soul vibe, his writing could feel insular and lacking in the universal relatability of the artists he was drawing from. In contrast, on Who Cares? it feels like O'Connor is reaching out to his audience, crafting songs that manage to frame his own emotions in bigger, more broadly relatable ways. It also doesn't hurt that these are hooky, thoughtfully constructed anthems that have the vibe of modern standards. "One in a Million" is an earthy R&B cut that brings to mind Al Green, at the same time "7AM" soars with an ebullient Paul Williams-esque melodicism. Similarly, "Open a Window" (featuring Tyler, the Creator) conjures '70s Stevie Wonder, while "The Shade'' wouldn't sound out of place on a Fleetwood Mac album. Thankfully, all of Who Cares? sounds exactly like Rex Orange County coming into his own.

A1 Keep It Up 3:03
A2 Open A Window
     Featuring – Tyler, The Creator 3:39
A3 Worth It 2:45
A4 Amazing 3:29
A5 One In A Million 3:15
B1 If You Want It 3:07
B2 7am 3:19
B3 The Shade 3:02
B4 Making Time 1:55
B5 Shoot Me Down 4:52
B6 Who Cares? 2:29