Scorpions - Rock Believer

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The veteran German rockers' 19th studio album, Rock Believer, sees the Scorpions working remotely to craft a surprisingly solid and unifying set of hard rock anthems that provide plenty of fan service. While they might not be able to see the nosebleed section -- the core members of the group are in their seventies now – the band's aim is still true, and their particular brand of workmanlike stadium rock seeks out the furthest corners of the rafters with seasoned precision. Commencing with the straight-shooting "Gas in the Tank," Rock Believer eschews the systemic horniness of the group's '80s output for something a bit more age-appropriate though no less rabble-rousing. The band's longevity is the thematic throughline, with songs like the bracing "Roots in My Boots" and the spirited title track serving as both calls to arms and career assessments. Elsewhere, the fiery "Peacemaker" flirts with socio-political unrest, the lumbering "Seventh Sun" dabbles in power metal pomp, and the closing ballad "When You Know (Where You Came From)" summons the light of a thousand Zippos/cell phones. Never ones to dabble in irony or nuance, the Scorpions have always left little to the imagination – back in the group's heyday, Klaus Meine's radio spots always ended with "lookout (insert city here), we're gonna sting ya!". Still, in an age awash in misinformation and cultural bemusement, hearing a group of septuagenarians preach the undemanding gospel of rock & roll feels downright therapeutic.

Gas In The Tank 3:42
Roots In My Boots 3:18
Knock 'Em Dead 4:12
Rock Believer 3:57
Shining Of Your Soul 3:57
Seventh Sun 5:29
Hot And Cold 4:13
When I Lay My Bones To Rest 3:08
Peacemaker 2:57
Call Of The Wild 5:21
When You Know (Where You Come From) 4:22
Shoot For Your Heart 4:02
When Tomorrow Comes 3:51
Unleash The Beast 4:18
Crossing Borders 3:38
When You Know (Where You Come From) (Acoustic Version) 3:45