Teddy Swims - I've Tried Everything But Therapy (Part 1)

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Teddy Swims amassed a big enough following through his YouTube covers of Michael Jackson, Shania Twain, and Amy Winehouse to earn himself a major label deal. After signing with Warner Bros. in early 2020, the Georgia-based singer kicked off a prolific string of one-off singles and EPs that tested the range of his powerhouse voice. After three years, he finally landed a charting hit with 2023's torchy "Lose Control," the lead single from his debut album, I've Tried Everything But Therapy, Pt. 1. Swims' music lives somewhere between vintage soul, classic rock, and contemporary pop balladry with a bit of a country kick. Surrounding his breakout single are nine more tastefully arranged songs aided by a committee of producers and hitmakers like Ammo, Julian Bunetta, and John Ryan. Emotional opener "Some Things I'll Never Know" is a dusky piano ballad that feels like a custom-built showpiece, but deeper cuts like "The Door" and "Flame" are a little more interesting, each with its own moody, late-night vibe and pleasingly organic feel. Swims' voice sounds comfortable and lived in and the songs generally serve this effect without going too far over the top into abject showiness. He's come a long way since fronting local Atlanta rock and soul bands and his experience shows on this debut.

Milky Clear Vinyl

1 Some Things I'll Never Know 4:02
2 Lose Control 3:30
3 What More Can I Say 2:21
4 The Door 3:32
5 Goodbye's Been Good To You 2:44
6 Last Communion 3:37
7 You Still Get To Me 3:28
8 Suitcase 2:48
9 Flame 2:24
10 Evergreen 2:46