The Killers - Rebel Diamonds

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Rebel Diamonds is a greatest hits album by American rock band the Killers

It serves as a retrospective look at the career of the rock band, offering a chronological arrangement of their hits by the year of release and a new track, "Spirit". The album title is taken from the lyrics of their song "Read My Mind" from their second album, Sam's Town.

The compilation includes 20 tracks, starting with songs from their debut album Hot Fuss (2004) and spanning their subsequent albums, including Sam's Town, Day & Age, Battle Born, Wonderful Wonderful, Imploding the Mirage, and Pressure Machine.It features at least one song from each of the seven studio albums, including hits such as "Mr. Brightside", "When You Were Young", "Human", "The Man", and newer tracks like "Boy" and "Your Side of Town".

Back in 2003, Las Vegas quartet the Killers were just another young act pushing angular indie that revived post-punk and new wave sonics for a new generation, scoring a minor hit in England with a little song called "Mr. Brightside." Over in the U.S., it took over a year for another single, "Somebody Told Me," to edge its way onto the mainstream charts, peaking in late 2004 in a landscape that featured competition from acts like Hoobastank, Linkin Park, and Green Day. One could be forgiven for thinking they were just a flash in the pan, destined to fade away like so many of their early aughts peers. Yet, two decades later, they had enough hits (and then some) to craft their second greatest hits compilation, Rebel Diamonds. Celebrating twenty years with twenty songs, the collection showcases seven studio albums and a trio of standalone singles that kept them on the radio, in stadiums, and on international festival stages since their inception, surviving the times with enduring hits and beloved favorites. Building upon 2013's Direct Hits set, Rebel Diamonds retains most of that first decade's tracks (major differences being "Jenny Was A Friend of Mine" replacing "Smile Like You Mean It" for Hot Fuss representation; "For Reasons Unknown" getting axed; and "Be Still" performing double duty in the Battle Born era instead of "Miss Atomic Bomb" and "The Way It Was"). These changes are welcome, giving "Jenny" and "Be Still" some much deserved attention in the face of their more-famous album siblings.

The relative tumult of the Killers' uneven second decade can be seen on the back half. After a five year gap between albums, they returned in 2017 with Wonderful Wonderful, which yielded the strutting Bowie tribute "The Man" but not much else. At this point, it had been half a decade since they had a hit and the future seemed a little uncertain. So when 2020's Imploding the Mirage landed to a flood of critical acclaim and fan adoration, it was a welcome comeback that reestablished the band with rousing, anthemic gems such as "Caution," "My Own Soul's Warning," and "Dying Breed." Even 2021's subdued, Americana-leaning Pressure Machine – which added more emotional depth to their catalog with some of Brandon Flowers' most engaging storytelling to date – kept the revival going, culminating in a triumphant international tour that found them performing on some of the biggest stages to date. In a generous move, the Killers added three fresh tracks to the album, produced with longtime collaborator and Day & Age studio man, Stuart Price. These infectious, '80s-indebted nu-wave nuggets stand tall as some of the band's best non-album tracks, echoing Erasure ("boy"), Pet Shop Boys and New Order ("Your Side of Town"), and even New Order by way of Underworld's "Born Slippy (Nuxx)" on "Spirit." Showing just how far Flowers, Dave Keuning, Ronnie Vannucci Jr., and Mark Stoermer had come from just being stylish, Anglophile scenesters, Rebel Diamonds is a perfectly-curated snapshot of two decades of indelible hits from one of the greatest American rock ambassadors of a generation.

A1 Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
A2 Mr. Brightside
A3 All These Things That I’ve Done
A4 Somebody Told Me
A5 When You Were Young
B1 Read My Mind
B2 Human
B3 Spaceman
B4 A Dustland Fairytale
B5 Be Still
C1 Runaways
C2 The Man
C3 Caution
C4 My Own Soul’s Warning
C5 Dying Breed
D1 Pressure Machine
D2 Quiet Town
D3 Boy
D4 Your Side Of Town
D5 Spirit