Rat Pack, The - The Very Best Of..

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The so-called Rat Pack wasn't a group in the normal sense, but consisted of a loose confederation of actors, comedians, and singers lumped together by the media under that name in the early '60s. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Joey Bishop, and Peter Lawford formed the core of the Rat Pack, and they appeared together in several movies, including Robin and the Seven Hoods and the original Ocean's Eleven. Sinatra, Davis, and Martin, the singing contingent of the group, all managed long individual careers in the recording industry, and would occasionally band together to do nightclub concerts, frequently in Las Vegas, that were equal parts comedy and music, and heavy on caricature, playing off of the trio's huge public personas. This set features several of Martin, Davis, and Sinatra's individual sides, along with a couple of duets, and it creates an emblematic and nostalgic mood for a particular time and place in the mythic 1960s, a time when a martini and a tux were seemingly all one really needed.